Post Offer Physical Demand Screening

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  • An evaluation that is conducted following an offer of employment to determine if the job candidate is functionally capable of performing the job demands or is at risk of substantial harm to him/herself or others.
  • A multipurpose tool for Human Resource Managers as well as post-injury uses for Risk Management and Treatment Providers
  • Baseline documentation for accelerated rehabilitation and return to work.
  • Prevents needless musculoskeletal disorders and injuries and associated costs.
  • Generic or job specific
  • People that work at their maximum functional ability are 300 times more likely to sustain an injury than those that work below their maximum ability.
  • Claims by persons who lack strength due to weakness have no legal entitlement to a job, even under the ADA.
  • Employers can legally refuse employment to applicants when they are not physically capable of performing the essential functional requirements of the job without risk of injury.